Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jermaine Jackson gives conference

Jermaine Jackson states that around 1pm and for a least 1 hour doctors tried to resuscitate Michael Jackson to no avail. D eath was pronounced at 2:26pm. He also states that MJ's personal physician was with Michael at the time of his cardiac arrest.
Autopsy will be released around 9:00 tomorrow morning. Conflicting reports states that there will be no conference on the cause of death. The coroner states that there will be no release of cause of death until the toxicology reports comes in which will be at least two weeks.

Brian Oxman, the Jackson families lawyer states that MJ was addicted to prescription medicine and that he warned the family that one day this would be the cause of his death.

Elizabeth Taylor was too wrecked with grief to give a statement.


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