Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is Omar Bhatti Michael Jacksons son?

Daily News-Bhatti sat with Jackson's grieving family at the star-studded July 7 farewell to the singer in Los Angeles.

He is reported to be the result of a one-night stand Jackson had with Bhatti's mother, Pia Bhatti, in 1984.

Bhatti has been cagey about his relationship to the singer. Previously, he has said he wanted to take a DNA test to determine their connection.

"Michael always used to say I was like a son to him," Bhatti said in an interview last week. "But my true parents are in Norway.

"The reason I was asked to sit with his family at the memorial service is because I was Michael's closest friend - not because I am his son."

Bhatti and his family lived at Jackson's Neverland Ranch in California in the mid-1990s, when his mother was the nanny for the singer's oldest son, Prince Michael, now 12.

The news broke as a deal was inked giving Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine, the right to raise Prince Michael and his siblings, Paris, 11, and Prince Michael II, age 7.

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